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How to Find the Right Tattoo Studio

Getting a tattoo is probably one of the most life-altering experiences – it doesn’t just change your physical appearance, but it’s a forever commitment that shows on your skin. They say finding the right tattoo design marks the start of this exciting journey, but finding the right tattoo studio is equally important. Just imagine the frustration of ending up with the wrong tattoo or a tattoo that fails to communicate the message that you wanted, even after going through all of that pain, and paying a hefty fee to your tattoo artist. A very unsettling feelin

Rotary, Coil or Pen – The Superior Tattoo Machine

After the invention of the first electric tattoo machine in December, 1891, tattoo machines have greatly evolved to suit the tattoo community’s changing needs. These days, there are a lot of innovative options available in tattoo machines for the artists, which has made the process of tattooing more precise and configurable. Experienced tattoo artists at TheTattoonity have come together to unfold the difference between the three most common styles of tattoo machines - rotary, coil and pen-style. Let’s see which one wins the race!.

Tattoo Equipment and Tools for New Tattoo Artists: Back to the Basics

Getting into tattooing can be a very intimidating thing! But all’s well that ends starts well.

Start by looking at all of the tools and equipment you have to buy. Checklists are always good.

Remember, baby steps!

Upcoming Tattoo & Piercing events in 2021

Tattoos, piercings and the love for body art have existed for centuries. Though still a taboo subject in some places, these unique forms of self-expression have gained tremendous popularity across the globe and more and more people are becoming a part of this rapidly-growing community.

History of Piercings

The history of body piercings is almost 5,000 years old, consisting of lip and tongue piercings in ancient African cultures, nose and ear piercings in Israel and nipple piercings in Rome. From being a tool of self-expression, a common beauty technique, a talisman, a way of offering sacrifice to appease gods, or a gesture of combat skills in warfare or superior social status, piercings have served multiple purposes.

History of Tattoos

Tattoos are known to have existed in many cultures worldwide for ages. Hence, their origin can’t be traced down to a single country or an exact point of time. The reason why the practice of tattooing has lasted for centuries is because of the connotations of religion, punishment, healing, social advancement, love, artistic freedom, self-expression, rebellion, subjugation, etc.

Women and Tattoos
As a symbol of abundant beauty, women have stirred the imagination of countless artists since time immemorial. Be it sculptures, paintings, songs, poetries, films, or even mythology, the reflection of a woman’s beauty and elegance is shown to be beyond words. But today, the woman doesn’t want to be known for just her glass-like beauty. She has successfully shed the cover of delicate beauty, and her strength has touched and transformed all the spheres of life.
How To Become a Tattoo Artist

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve through graphic designs and strong messages? If you love to express yourself uninhibitedly and have a passion for art and images, becoming a tattoo artist could prove a lucrative and fulfilling career choice. Here’s how you can start preparing:

A great tattoo is unimaginable without a visually appealing sketch. Hence, if you want to be able to design tattoos, you must concentrate on drawing better pictures and illustrations that can vividly capture different emotions. Sketch what you think and observe around. Figure out whether you truly