Who we are!

Hi there, welcome to TheTattoonity!

We are the founders of TheTattoonity.

In 2015, my wife and I opened our first tattoo & piercing studio on a Greek island, where we noticed a gap in connecting the members of the piercing & tattoo community.

My wife and I were born in different countries and therefore we have been travelling up and down for more than 4 years, which meant that we had to frequently switch countries, culture and, of course, jobs.

As people who see tattoos and piercings as a form of art, our travelling around the world made us realize how difficult it is to find an available guest spot at a tattoo studio, when the demand for talented tattoo artists is very high, and how people worldwide are struggling every day to find the right tattoo artist for their design.

It is here that it hit us - we NEED to build a platform to connect this artistic community. That is how TheTattoonity came into being.

The tattoo community has been hard to get through, and opportunities haven’t been easy for everybody to realize. With TheTattoonity, we’re are creating a platform that is accessible for everybody and provides you with new work possibilities, regardless of where you are from.
Your talent is what matters at The Tattoonity!

This unique platform will provide you with the opportunity to travel the world and showcase your talent before a larger audience by connecting with people from the same community.


Unite and be united